I’ve been thinking about these scenes a lot. And all I want to know is when it happened. When did touch between them get so easy? How did it go from an instinctive grappling – a clumsy comfort, a necessary anchor – to something so steady and sure? When did he start touching her without his fingers trembling? When did she start leaning into the warmth of his hand? When did they decide that words were no longer required, that the press of skin on skin would be enough to say, I am here with you? 

This was going to be a song lyric or something but now it’s feels instead. Just take them. Because  f a c e  t o u c h i n g.



#But this look, this look means so much more than we realize. #Stiles looks at Lydia carefully because he’s not sure how she’ll respond. #If you notice, Stiles and Lydia haven’t really talked about their relationship or what it means. #Everyone else seems to have their own theories on the two of them, yet we’ve never heard about how Stiles and Lydia see their relationship. #So when Stiles looks at Lydia in almost fear, Lydia smiles. #She smiles because they are friends. #She smiles because she’s not embarrassed to be his tether.#This looks proves that Lydia does indeed care about Stiles. #Their relationship means something to her too. #Regardless if we ever actually hear about how Lydia feels about Stiles in words, we all know by her actions that there is something there.